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Welcome to The Club at Basingstoke Tennis

At The Club at Basingstoke Tennis, we offer a unique Club Pass membership, giving you access to our thriving community of tennis and pickleball players. Whether you're seeking competitive play, social interaction, or just a great environment to develop your skills, our Club Pass is your gateway to a fantastic experience.

Club Pass Membership Options:

1. Club Pass Tennis Membership:

2. Club Pass Pickleball Membership:

  • Free access to book outdoor tennis courts
  • Discounted indoor court hire rates: £15 for peak hours and £10 for off-peak hours (book indoor court 3 for Pickleball courts)
  • Extended two-week booking window for both indoor and outdoor courts.
  • Coach-led Club Pickleball sessions: Mondays (7:30-9:30 pm) and Saturdays (2-4 pm) at our indoor courts.
  • Book Monday Club Pickleball | Book Saturday Club Pickleball
  • Opportunity to participate in local competitive leagues and annual club championships.

2. ClubPass Unlimited Membership:

  • All the benefits of the Individual Membership are extended to access both tennis and pickleball activities.
  • Ideal for players wanting to take part in both sports!

Additional Benefits for Club Members:

  • Extended Booking Privileges: Plan your games with ease, thanks to an additional week's booking window for all courts.
  • Engage in Local Competitive Tennis & Pickleball: For those seeking a competitive edge, participate in local competitive leagues.
  • Exclusive Club Events: Enjoy our annual Club Championship and various social events, fostering a strong community spirit.

Join The Club today and immerse yourself in the best of tennis and pickleball at Basingstoke Tennis!